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The following categories are not entirely distinguishable and thus some items may appear in one place but could equally well appear in another.
Biographical and Historical - Doctrinal - Martyrs - Miscellaneous


Biographical and Historical

John Bunyan: The Bedford Tinker "The Rev. William Haslam": How God saved and used an Anglo-Catholic vicar
The conversion of Charles Haddon Spurgeon: His own account of his experience Why we remember the 5th of November
The Chained Bible - 1538 The inhuman Inquisition
The Pilgrim Church The introduction of Romish darkness into Britain in 597 AD by Augustine
The origins of Romanism The religious significance of the defeat of the Spanish Armada 1588
The power of the redeeming blood Celio Secundo Curioni (1503-1569) and his escapes from the Inquisition
John Howard the prison reformer (d. 1790) The nun of Jouarre: The Abbess who became Princess of Orange
A lovely story of saving grace "Out of darkness into His marvellous light" - The testimony of a Canadian missionary in Quebec
A Roman Priest who found Christ - Joseph Zacchello Will I spend eternity in heaven? Queen Victoria's testimony



The Antichrist Biblical Separation
A great fundamental doctrine: Justification by faith The man of sin revealed
Our attitude to false doctrine [Empty Cell]



Forty Famous Wrestlers Good Lord Cobham
Gleanings from John Foxe The story of Joan Waste
Roman Catholic and Protestant martyrs contrasted The martyrdom of William Seward
The Exeter Martyrs [Empty Cell]
The Gospel for which the martyrs died Why contend for the faith?



Faith or feelings? Feeding sheep or amusing goats
The price of freedom The way which they call heresy
Past and present ministers compared Without faith no salvation
Nothing left for you to do! Paul's Books
[Empty Cell] Of the assembling of the congregation and their behaviour in the public worship of God (from the Westminster 'Directory')
Application rejected! The responsibilities of the Christian believer in a day of apostasy
The true Church The Bull Unam Sanctam by Boniface VIII

Biographical and Historical - Doctrinal - Martyrs - Miscellaneous

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